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Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

Do you hold destination weddings at your resort?
Yes, we hold destination weddings- they are our specialty!

Is there a dedicated wedding planner on site? Can they be reached by email?
There is a dedicated wedding planner on site at Sunscape Splash Montego Bay who can be reached at

Can you let me know availability for the other properties?
There are dedicated wedding coordinators at each resort who handles their individual wedding schedule. Please contact the wedding coordinator at each resort for the most accurate schedule.

What services does your wedding planner provide? Is there a fee?
There is no fee for the use of our wedding coordinator. A specialist will be with you to assist prior to and on your special day and they are there throughout the entire experience to answer any question you may have regarding your day!

How much time would we need to reserve our wedding in advance?
Weddings should be reserved at least three months in advance but one year is preferable if you have exact dates in mind.

How can we confirm our wedding date?
There is a Wedding Request Form listed on Sunscape Splash Montego Bay wedding page. Simply fill out this form and if the date is available, the weddings department at the resort will be happy to confirm availability. After we receive a deposit and the signed contract, we will reserve that date for you. The wedding will be considered confirmed only when you receive a written communication stating so.

What if we want to reserve on short notice?
You should contact the wedding coordinator directly.

How many days do we need to arrive prior to the ceremony?

Even though by law the wedding couple only needs to be here 24 hours in advance, we would advise you to come at least 3 days in advance to meet with the wedding coordinator and marriage officer and go through the final details regarding the wedding.

What is the difference between legal (civil), religious and symbolic ceremonies?

  • Only a civil ceremony is legally recognized. A renewal of vows is a symbolic ceremony; and has no legal bearing and does not replace in any way the binding legal civil marriage. They are performed by a Non denominational minister (please note that Catholic ceremonies cannot be performed outside the church). The bride and groom will receive legal documentation for legal ceremonies.
  • After ceremony, the couple will receive a copy of the Marriage Register that the Officer will take to the Registrar General in Montego Bay in order to obtain your Official Certificate. This process takes between 2 to 3 months and we will mail the documents to you as soon as we receive it from the Registrar’s Office.
  • Do we need to send any documentation prior to arrival?

    In order to get legally married by a marriage officer recognized by the Jamaican Government, the following documents and information are required to be sent via fax or private courier service (such as DHL, FedEx, or UPS) to the Wedding Coordinator at least four weeks prior to the couple’s arrival to the hotel:

  • Proof of citizenship – certified copy of birth certificate, which includes father’s name.
  • Notarized copies of Bride & Groom’s official ID (Passports).
  • Proof of divorce if applicable (original certificate of divorce).
  • Notarized copy of death certificate for widow or widower.
  • Occupation of both candidates. (Sent on the Wedding reservation form)
  • Occupation and full names of both sets of parents. (Sent on the Wedding reservation form)
  • Parent’s written consent if under 18 years of age. (Sent on the Wedding reservation form)
  • For symbolic or renewal of vows a Photocopy of the Marriage Certificate is necessary.
  • Are indoor spaces air-conditioned?
    Yes, our ballroom is air-conditioned

    What do you offer in the way of decorations?

    We can decorate the area with flowers, tooling, beautiful seating arrangements, pedestals, chair covers, tie backs, centerpieces, Chinese lanterns, tiki torches and lovely canopies (all at an additional cost).

    Please Note that the décor included in our packages are ceremonial table and chairs with white chair covers.

    What time of day do most destination weddings occur? Why?

    We celebrate weddings at 11:00am, 2:00pm and sunset. Most guests chose to marry at sunset. Simply because it is the most romantic time!

    Will there be other weddings taking place during the same time as ours?

    No way. Your special time is yours and only yours.

    If we want our wedding on the beach, what is the set-up?

    We can provide a decorated arch (at an additional cost) and chairs for guests.

    What if I don’t have a witness?

    If there are no witnesses available, these will be provided by the resort at no additional cost.

    Do you offer a set destination wedding package, or do we choose the elements individually?
    We have set packages however; you can add anything extra that you wish.

    Can you email a price list to me? Do you expect those prices to change by the date of my wedding?
    Prices for our wedding packages are included on our website. For those little extra touches, a separate price list can be obtained from the wedding planner. Prior to your signed contract, prices are subject to change as services are provided by outside vendors.

    If I want to bring friends and family members, do you offer a discount on the price of rooms?
    Special group rates are available when booking ten rooms or more – and be sure to ask about any other special promotions that may be available around your chosen travel dates.

    How many guests are permitted at the standard wedding? What do you charge if we exceed that number?
    Packages are valid for either 10 or 20 guests. Additional guests would incur an additional charge.

    What is your cancellation policy?
    The wedding can be canceled six or more months prior to the confirmed date without penalties. If the wedding is canceled within six months, the non-refundable deposit will be kept as a penalty. If the wedding is canceled, but the couple still travels as planned, the deposit can then be applied toward any additional room charges made during their stay.

    Who performs the ceremony at your resort?

    A non- denominational minister will come to the resort to perform your ceremony. The legal fees will be charged separately and are not included in any of the packages.

    What if we want a ceremony that honors a particular religion; can someone of that faith be provided?

    No, but feel free to bring your own official of that religion. Let us know in advance. If a legal ceremony is required, a Jamaican minister must perform the ceremony. Only if the symbolic or a renewal can accommodate your own minister.

    On the other hand, what if we want a ceremony that does not bring in religion?

    Non religious ceremonies are definitely an option.

    How long is the ceremony?

    The ceremony itself only lasts about 20 minutes.

    What do brides and grooms typically wear at your resort for destination weddings?

    Brides usually wear beautiful white gowns, while grooms usually prefer khakis and a white dress shirt.

    Will someone be available to iron my wedding dress?

    Wedding dress preparation is included in the wedding package.

    What do you do if I schedule an outside ceremony and reception -- and it rains? Do you have a picture of the back up plan?

    Yes, our backup plan is our main ballroom area. Please contact the wedding coordinator for more information.

    What time are the sunset and the approximate temperature an hour before?

    Depending on the season, sunset can be anywhere from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.

    What types of flowers are available locally? Is there a florist onsite?

    Our most popular flowers for Jamaica are tropical flowers, such as purple and white dendrobium orchids, ginger lilies, and anthuriums. However, almost all kinds of flowers can be provided. We work with local florists to make sure the most options are available./p>

    Is live music available? Can you email me an mp3 file of your house musicians?

    Yes, live music is available. Some of these bands have their own websites. If interested, please contact the wedding coordinator for specific music styles and details.

    Can we supply our own music on CD?

    Yes, we would be happy to accommodate your own music (Sound system equipment has an extra charge).

    Can you email me suggested menus for the reception?

    Yes, our wedding coordinator can give you different menu options to choose from.

    What can you supply in the way of a wedding cake?

    We have three standard wedding cake options available included in the package. Pictures of different cakes can be emailed to you. However you can also send us the picture of your choice and we will be more than happy accommodate you (possibly at an additional cost). Flavors are chocolate and vanilla. Jamaican fruit cake is available at an additional cost.

    Do you provide photography/videography services? What is the cost and what do we get for that amount?

    Yes, we have several options to choose from for our video and photography services. The cost will depend on what you choose. You will be able to meet with your photographer once you arrive on property.

    Is there someone who can handle the legal details for us and will guide us through the process?

    Yes, the wedding coordinator deals directly with the local officials to coordinate the legalized wedding process.

    Is the wedding a legal marriage in other countries?

    Yes, a civil ceremony will be legal marriage worldwide. The marriage certificates can be used as proof.

    What are the requirements to get a marriage license in your destination?

    In order to get legally married by a Marriage officer recognized by the Jamaican Government, the following documents are required to be sent via courier to the Wedding Coordinator at least four weeks prior to the couple’s arrival to the hotel:

    • Notarized copies of the Bride & Groom birth certificate
    • Notarized copies of Bride & Groom official ID ( Passports)
    • Notarized copies of Divorce decrees or death certificates (if applicable)

    Are witnesses required?

    Yes. If there are no witnesses available, these will be provided by the resort at no extra cost.

    I was divorced less then one year ago. Can I have my civil ceremony at the resort?

    Yes. As long as the divorce decree can be provided at least one month before the wedding date

    Do we need proof of any medical tests?

    No medical tests necessary.

    Do I need a blood test and if so, what diseases does it check for?

    No blood test is needed for ceremonies in Jamaica

    If we have to travel offsite to get the license, does your resort provide transportation?

    The wedding coordinator provides the license to you two to three months after the ceremony and it is sent via postal service.

    If my name is different from the passport and birth certificate will this present problem?

    Yes, in order for the documents to be finalized in Jamaica, there must be proof for different names in order to get married. (I.e. divorce decrees or any name change documents).

    Will the minister perform the ceremony if all of our documents are not in order? Are there any exceptions?

    No, there are no exceptions. All documents must be presented, and they must be in order for the ceremony to take place. If not, there is no ceremony.

    Can you accommodate rehearsal dinners?
    We can accommodate a rehearsal dinner at any one of our restaurants, depending on the number of guests, as well as a private location, for an extra charge.

    Is there a charge for guests to participate in sports at the resort?
    Non-motorized water sports are included in your Unlimited-Fun® package. Please refer to the activities and entertainment section of the website for details.

    Can you arrange a special tour or activity for our guests?
    These may be arranged through the preferred tour company set up in the resort lobby. They are more then happy to arrange a group outing to fit your needs.

    Can I drink the water?
    We do not recommend drinking the water from the tap. All water and ice served in the restaurants and bars is purified. Bottled water is also readily available. Please be careful when venturing out the resort.

    Can I bring dollars?
    Yes, American dollars are recognized and accepted in Jamaica.

    Are passports required?
    You must have a valid passport to enter Jamaica.

    Do you mind me asking all these questions?
    Not at all! Our wedding coordinators are happy to assist you in planning your perfect day, so please feel free to ask away.

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